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Coach Cleaner

June 18, 2013 - June 25, 2013
Location:Columbus, OH
Salary Range:$16.45/ Hour
Employment Type:Full Time
Department:Vehicle Maintenance
Description:Under directive guidance, does the necessary cleaning operations to keep Authority’s vehicles in clean and presentable condition.
Duties:1. Sweeping out, mopping and vacuuming coaches daily and completely dusting interior;
2. Operating coach washing machine and driving coaches through washer;
3. Manually washing front and back (when appropriate) of coaches including windows and wheels;
4. Periodically washing all interior surfaces and coach exteriors with soap and water as required;
5. Cleaning, sanitizing and shampooing coaches including unsanitary coach cleaning;
6. Moving coaches within premises;
7. Moving coaches between facilities during declared emergency situations; cleaning up and removing trash and debris from coaches and surrounding work area;
8. Proper use of the Authority’s equipment, materials and supplies and notifying management of any defects;
9. Under general guidance, performing the necessary general truck driving duties when truck driver is off, and
10. Parking buses in their proper locations.
1. High school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D) effective September 28, 2009;
2. The possession of normal health required to fill his/her assigned jobs;
3. The ability to follow instructions, cooperate with fellow employees, and change work priorities as directed within the job classification;
4. When contacted in an emergency, to respond to calls outside of regular hours and help in the department in which they are qualified to help;
5. Must be able to read and follow instructions and complete assignments in a timely manner (pursuant to the Memorandum of Agreement);
6. Compliance with the general rules, policies, and regulations of the Authority (including safety rules), with the specific rules of the department in which you work and with those of other departments with which work must be coordinated;
7. Loyalty to the interest of the Authority and the public;
8. Meet public in a pleasant, tactful manner and to perform duties in such a way as to best insure the maintenance of good public relations;
9. Perform training of other employees as required by the Authority;
10. The possession of appropriate tools according to the job description and consistent with the current Memorandum of Agreement;
11. Must be physically able to use and/or utilize any designated safety equipment, as designated by the Authority or statute;
12. Handling and completing records and paper work required for work he/she performs;
13. Must be able to use computers and diagnostic equipment applicable to their job assignments;
14. Possession of a valid Commercial Driver’s License as required by COTA policy;
15. Must be able to pass written and practical skill assessment testing for job qualification;
16. It shall be the responsibility of each employee to maintain his/her work area, and Authority property in a safe, clean and professional manner, i.e. clean up the work area after completing work assignments and remove debris, scrap, trash and consumables from the area and dispose of items appropriately; and
17. All general qualifications. Training will be provided for tasks or duties as needed.

1. No prior experience required;
2. Must be able to meet the rigorous physical requirements of this work;
3. Must be able to follow simple instructions and complete assignments in normal work period;
4. Must become thoroughly familiar with the operation of the Labor Pool and its relationship to the requirements of the Authority;
5. Must become thoroughly familiar with Authority’s safety rules and regulations as applied to the Labor Pool and with other rules and regulations of the Authority; and
6. All general qualifications. Training will be provided for tasks or duties assigned to this position as needed.

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